Air Force: Due to sanctions, Iran is likely to shift drone production to Belarus

Anna Kholodnova

According to Air Force spokesman Yurii Ignat, due to Western sanctions, Iran probably wants to transfer the production of drones to Belarus.

Ignat informed about this on Radio Svoboda.

According to him, in addition to actual production, it can only be an assembly of already finished products.

Also, Russia can independently produce drones, for example, "Lancet". Ignat noted that they are not very powerful, but they add work to Ukrainian air defense and defenders on the front line.

"It is not a problem to make an airframe, an engine, a propeller, a warhead, another issue is the technological equipment that is laid in Shahed, but there are GPS-navigation and control units that Russia cannot produce on its own. Actually, these dual-use goods and high-tech products would not be hindered by the control of sanctions to prevent them from receiving such products," Ignat noted.

The spokesman added that there are signs that the production of missiles in Russia continues. In particular, fragments of rockets manufactured in autumn and winter have already been found in Ukraine.

"We hope that the sanctions will not allow them to do it quickly. And itʼs unlikely to happen quickly, because a cruise missile is a high-tech product that costs millions of dollars per unit," Ignat stated.

According to the Center of National Resistance under the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a working group of Iranian engineers visited the Homel Radio Plant — the visit was organized by the FSB of the Russian Federation and the KGB of the Russian Federation. They discussed the possibility of systematically setting up the production of kamikaze drones.

Previously, the underground reported that drones were being restocked at the base of the Homel plant.