ET: Pakistan provides military aid to Ukraine. Pakistan will send ships with defense equipment in April

Liza Brovko

In April, Pakistan will send 230 containers of military equipment for the Defense Forces of Ukraine through the port of Karachi. The Economic Times states that MV Bokram and MV Kherson will carry the military aid.

The publication adds: ships that transport weapons from Pakistan to Ukraine, in particular tanks and missiles, often sail under the flags of the USA and the EU, and arrive mainly in Polish and German ports.

A year ago, according to ET, Great Britain used Pakistani air bases as an air bridge to supply weapons to Ukraine via Romania.

ET also emphasizes that Pakistan continues to help Ukraine even when it itself asks Russia for help in updating its aircraft engines.

  • In early 2023, The Economic Times reported that Pakistan would send artillery ammunition to Ukraine. Project Shipping, a Pakistani freight forwarding firm, planned to send 159 containers of ammunition from the port of Karachi to the port of Gdansk in Poland. They will contain 155 mm artillery shells, projectile charges for them, as well as M82 artillery pods and PDM detonators.