Media: Pakistan will send artillery shells to Ukraine

Oleg Panfilovych

Pakistan will send artillery ammunition to Ukraine.

This was reported by the Indian edition of The Economic Times.

Project Shipping, a Pakistani transport brokerage firm, plans to ship 159 containers of ammunition from the port of Karachi to the port of Gdansk in Poland. They will contain 155 mm artillery shells, projectile charges for them, as well as M82 artillery pods and PDM detonators.

Earlier, Pakistan did not directly supply weapons to Kyiv, but in August of last year, Great Britain transferred weapons to Ukraine via Romania from Pakistanʼs Nur-Khan Air Base. The Economic Times also writes that part of the supply of Pakistani weapons was carried out through Eastern European countries.

Instead, Ukraine should help Pakistan modernize the fleet of Mi-17 helicopters and repair T-80UD tanks. Ukraine and Pakistan are long-standing partners in the supply of weapons: in 1991-2020, they concluded relevant contracts for a total of $1.6 billion.

  • On January 6, the USA announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine. Its total cost will be $2.85 billion. In addition to the Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, the package included 70,000 155 mm caliber artillery shells and 500 high-precision artillery shells of the same caliber.