Finland approved the 14th military aid package for Ukraine. There are Leopard 2R anti-mine vehicles

Anna Kholodnova

Finland will hand over three Leopard 2R anti-mine vehicles to Ukraine in a new package of military aid. Finnish specialists will also train the Ukrainian military to use and maintain these machines.

This was reported to the Ministry of Defense of Finland.

Also, as part of the 14th package of defense support, Ukraine will receive other weapons and ammunition. The Finnish Ministry of Defense does not disclose the full content of the aid and delivery times for security reasons.

  • Leopard 2Rs are demining tanks that have no guns and are armed only with a machine gun. Their main purpose is to "move" minefields.
  • Finland has already transferred €910 million worth of military aid to Ukraine. In the previous, 13th aid package, which the country handed over on February 23, there were three Leopard 2R anti-mine vehicles.