The Ministry of Defense of Hungary announced that they are training Ukrainian military medics

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Ministry of Defense of Hungary confirmed that they are not sending weapons or soldiers to Ukraine. But the country participates in the training of military medics. writes about this.

Prior to that, Slovak Defense Minister Yaroslav Nagy reported that Ukrainian military personnel are also undergoing training in Hungary. This caused a stir, since Hungary has not provided military aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. But the Ministry of Defense of Hungary confirmed his statements and noted that it is about medics.

"Hungaryʼs position has not changed: we are on the side of peace and do not support any steps that lead to the escalation of war — that is why we do not send weapons or soldiers to Ukraine. Nevertheless, as a neighboring country, within the framework of the largest humanitarian action in the history of Hungary, Hungary is helping those who are in trouble and those who need help. In the spirit of this, we provided assistance in the treatment of wounded Ukrainian soldiers, and the Armed Forces of Hungary also participate in the training of Ukrainian military medics for humanitarian purposes," the department noted.

  • Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a meeting with journalists in Budapest that he does not believe in the victory of Ukraine and believes that the country is "gradually turning into an unmanageable ruin." According to Orban, "Russiaʼs goal is to turn Ukraine into an ungovernable ruin" so that the West cannot claim it "as a prize." He said that the Russian Federation has already succeeded in this, and now Ukraine, like Afghanistan, is a "no manʼs land."
  • After that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine summoned the Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine, Istvan Ijdyartó. He was strongly protested because of the disparaging remarks of the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán.