Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin: The Special Tribunal for punishing Russia for aggression can have two models

Anhelina Sheremet, Oksana Kovalenko

The Special International Tribunal can have two models for punishing Russia for the crime of aggression.

Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin informed about this at the United for Justice conference on March 4, the Babel correspondent reports.

"It can be two models of the tribunal. It can be a multilateral international agreement, as was the case with the Nuremberg tribunal. Or it can be an agreement between the UN Secretary General after the relevant resolution of the UN General Assembly, that is, it is an agreement between the UN and Ukraine," Kostin noted.

According to the national law of any country, the president of another country, the prime minister and the minister of foreign affairs have personal immunity from criminal prosecution. In order to bring them to criminal responsibility, an international mechanism based on the norms of international law is needed.

According to Kostin, the first steps are already taking place. In particular, at this conference, on March 4, they should sign a document on the creation of the International Center for the Investigation of the Crime of Aggression in Ukraine. This center will be practically operational in The Hague this summer. Prosecutors from both Ukraine and other countries will work there, they will collect evidence of the crime of aggression. Kostin emphasized that this is the first practical step towards the establishment of the tribunal.