An earthquake occurred in Transcarpathia at night

Anhelina Sheremet

In Transcarpathia, in the area of the village of Velyka Dobron, 19 km west of Mukachevo, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.3 occurred at a depth of 2 km.

This was reported by the Main Center of Special Control in the morning of February 27.

The earthquake occurred on the night of February 27 at 03:15:39. According to the classification, it belongs to strongly felt, it is especially felt inside the building. The Center writes that people wake up from such an earthquake, but are not scared. Windows, doors, dishes can shake, floors and walls creak, furniture shakes. The location of the seismic source is here.

The last earthquake, which was felt in more than 15 settlements of Transcarpathia, was registered from the district of the town of Irshava on January 3, 2023 with a magnitude of 3.8 at a depth of 6 km.