Ukraine reacted to Russiaʼs decision to suspend participation in the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty

Anhelina Sheremet

Ukraine called Russiaʼs decision to suspend participation in Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty another provocative step.

The position was published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ukraine emphasizes that Russia continues the deliberate destruction of the existing architecture of nuclear disarmament.

"By undermining one of the most important international treaties in the field of nuclear arms control, Russia makes another defiant challenge to the world community, confirms its criminal nature, and further aggressive intentions to destroy international peace and security. Moscowʼs rhetoric regarding the possibility of using nuclear weapons is unacceptable and endangers the security of the entire world," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Therefore, Ukraine calls on the international community to provide a decisive response to Russiaʼs aggressive behavior, to take urgent joint measures to prevent and counter any forms of nuclear blackmail.

The Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty is one of the main agreements between the USA and the USSR, and then Russia, in the matter of control over the nuclear weapons of both countries. The United States and Russia signed it in 2010, it is valid until 2026. The agreement stipulates that Russia and the United States will jointly reduce their nuclear warheads, as well as the possible carriers of nuclear weapons, from missiles to strategic bombers. This should be controlled by bilateral inspections: that is, representatives of Russia and the USA have the right to visit each otherʼs nuclear facilities and personally check whether each country is really reducing its nuclear weapons.