Politico: Ukraine wants to create a “Cyber UN” to protect against Russian cyber threats

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The head of the State Intelligence Service Yurii Shchygol proposes to create a single global organization that would help share information about threats and prepare for future attacks. He emphasized that Russia is attacking the infrastructure of Ukraine and seeks to create maximum chaos in the world.

Politico writes about it.

According to Ukrainian officials, the creation of the "United Nations Cyber Organization" is one of a number of efforts that will be supported by the world community. As Russia combines cyber attacks with missile strikes to harm civilians during the winter months.

"We need a Cyber UN — nations united in cyberspace to protect ourselves, to effectively protect our world in the future, the cyber world and our real, ordinary world. What we really need in this situation is a hub or a place where we can exchange information, support each other and interact," Yurii Shchygol explained.

According to him, after a year of constant Russian cyberattacks on Ukrainian critical infrastructure, such as energy systems and satellite communication, there is a need for a "single space, a single cyberspace" common to the countries of the "civilized world."

  • In November, the head of the Cyber Security Department of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ilya Vityuk, reported that Russia carries out 10 cyber attacks on strategic objects of Ukraine every day.
  • Some Russian cyberattacks on Ukrainian infrastructure can be qualified as war crimes. Ukrainian officials are collecting evidence of cyberattacks related to Russian military strikes and sharing information with the International Criminal Court in The Hague.