Media: Germany and Great Britain next week will decide on the supply of Western tanks to Ukraine

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Next week, Germany and Great Britain will announce their decision to transfer Western tanks to Ukraine. We are talking about the German Leopard tanks and the British Challenger 2.

Bloomberg and The Guardian write about this with reference to sources.

Germany is expected to formally approve the supply of its tanks in Berlin during a meeting with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. They will meet on January 19, and the next day another conference will be held in the Rammstein format, where they will discuss further supplies of weapons to Ukraine.

Currently, it is not known whether Germany will also transfer its tanks, or will only give consent to other countries to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Poland and Finland have already announced their readiness for such a step.

As for Britain, the government is likely to announce the delivery of Challenger 2 tanks on Monday.

  • Poland, as part of the international coalition, will hand over a company of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. According to NATO standards, a tank company is 14 vehicles, although Duda himself did not name the exact number.