”Wagnerovites” announced the death of British volunteers who disappeared near Soledar. Diplomats do not confirm this

Oleg Panfilovych

Militants from Wagner private military company announced the death of British volunteers Andrew Bagshaw and Christopher Perry, who went missing in the Bakhmut direction.

This was reported by the BBC with reference to a group close to the militants.

The mercenaries also published the documents of the volunteers, saying that they had found the body of one of them. Bagshaw and Perry worked in Donetsk as volunteers, helping to evacuate people from the front lines. On the morning of January 6, they left Kramatorsk in the direction of Soledar, and contact with them was lost.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain knows about the statement of the "Wagnerians", but so far they can neither confirm nor deny the death of volunteers.

The Gray Zone Telegram channel, which is associated with Wagner PMC, said that Perryʼs body was found.