In Ukraine, due to the cold weather, the consumption of electricity has increased. Power outages are possible

Sofiia Telishevska

On the morning of January 9, electricity consumption increased in Ukraine due to a rather sharp cooling. In particular, industrial facilities and businesses began to consume more electricity.

This was reported by the National Energy Company Ukrenergo.

In order to maintain the balance, consumption limits have been set for all regions, which are valid from 04:00 to 24:00.

If consumers exceed the limits, then the energy companies will apply an emergency shutdown of the light.

The situation in the frontline regions in the east and south remains difficult. There, as a result of hostilities, networks were significantly damaged — this night, the Russians again fired at one of the electricity facilities in southern Ukraine.

“Currently, the energy system is unable to cover consumption in full due to the damage and occupation by the enemy of a number of power plants that produce electricity, including the most powerful Zaporizhzhya NPP,” the company added.

Ukrenergo urged to consume electricity wisely and alternately turn on energy-consuming appliances.

  • Russian troops systematically attack critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. Currently, approximately 40% of the energy infrastructure is seriously damaged.