Japan plans to provide Ukraine with an additional $500 million in aid

Anna Kholodnova

Japan intends to allocate another $500 million in aid to Ukraine. The total amount of financial, humanitarian and military aid that the country has already given to Ukrainians is $1.1 billion.

Japanese Ambassador to Ukraine Kuninori Matsuda informed the Interfax news agency about this.

He added that by law Japan cannot provide weapons directly, but the Japanese government has decided for the first time to provide non-lethal equipment, including drones, helmets, body armor, winter clothing, as well as first-aid kits and rations.

"We continue to expand the list. And we are currently negotiating with Ukrainian colleagues regarding the possibility of providing dual-use technologies," Matsuda noted.

According to him, Japan also helps Ukraine in the diplomatic field. In particular, it appeals to countries that have not yet decided on their position regarding this war, or to states that still maintain neutrality.

"We are trying to convince them to support Ukraine or participate in international sanctions," the Japanese ambassador to Ukraine added.

  • On November 22, the Japanese government decided to provide Ukraine with grant aid in the form of generators and solar lamps. The total amount of assistance was $2.57 million.