In the Czech Republic, the first group of Ukrainian military personnel completed their training as part of the EU mission

Oleg Panfilovych

In the Czech Republic, the first group of Ukrainian servicemen completed their training as part of the European Union Mission for the Training of Armed Forces Soldiers (EUMAM).

The publication iDNES writes about it.

During the three-week training course, the Ukrainian military practiced basic skills, including shooting automatic weapons and driving infantry fighting vehicles. In addition, the military learned to plan attacks, defense or movement. Commander of the Ground Forces of the Czech Army, Roman Nahonchyk, noted that Czech and Ukrainian servicemen are exchanging experience of conducting a real battle.

It is expected that during the next year, four more groups of Ukrainian servicemen, numbering about 800 people, will arrive in the Czech Republic. The first of them should start preparation already in January.

  • The European Union created a military assistance mission to further support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is called EUMAM and will provide for individual, collective and specialized training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the Territorial Defense Forces. EUMAM will work on the territory of the EU member states and will have its Operational Headquarters in Brussels. The commander is Vice-Admiral Herve Blejean. The mission will initially last for two years, with a financial estimate of €106 million in total costs for this period.