Minister of Energy of Ukraine: without new shellings, the energy system of Ukraine can be repaired by the summer

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko said that the Ukrainian energy system can be repaired by the summer so that the blackouts stop. But on the condition that there will be no new shelling.

He told about this in an interview with Forbes.

"The speed of recovery is related to shelling. If there will be no shelling, even taking into account the already damaged generation, we will stabilize the system by summer," Galushchenko explained.

According to him, one of the ways to solve the problem is the import of electricity. Ukraine has already conducted it in a test mode. Galushchenko explained that they are currently working on mechanisms that will allow to increase imports.

"Now it is 600 MW during the day, 700 MW during the night. Technically, the possibility is much greater — 1.6–2 GW," he emphasized.

Mobile stations with a capacity of up to 50 MW will also help Ukraine. They can help to get through this winter stably.

  • Russian strikes on Ukraineʼs energy infrastructure lead to worsening forecasts of a fall in GDP in 2022. They will also slow its recovery in 2023.
  • Russian troops systematically attack critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. Currently, approximately 40% of the energy infrastructure is seriously damaged. In this connection, there are periodic power outages.