The White House asked Congress for an additional $38 billion for Ukraine

Sofiia Telishevska

The administration of US President Joe Biden has asked Congress to allocate another $38 billion to Ukraine.

This was reported by Jake Sullivan, the US Presidentʼs National Security Adviser, in an interview with Voice of America.

According to him, the Biden administration is doing everything so that Ukraine can protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“We know that our job is to continue our military support to Ukraine so that Ukrainians are in the best possible position on the battlefield if and when diplomacy matures — at the negotiating table,” the White House adviser said.

  • The Senate approved the defense budget of the United States for next year, which includes funds for military aid to Ukraine. The volume of the budget is a record and will amount to $858 billion. It provides $800 million in military aid to Ukraine to repel Russian aggression. Among other things, the document also provides for increased pay for the US military, funding for weapons purchases and support for Taiwan, which is threatened by China.