Russia announced that Ukraine had stopped pumping gas through the “Druzhba” pipeline. Hungary convened the Security Council because of this

Sofiia Telishevska

The Russian company Transneft announced that Ukraine has stopped pumping oil through the Druzhba pipeline in the direction of Hungary. The reason for this was a drop in voltage due to rocket attacks.

This is reported by the Russian publication RIA Novosti.

At the same time, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called an evening meeting of the Security Council due to the shutdown of the Druzhba oil pipeline. Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs announced this on November 15.

"In response to the suspension of oil pumping on Druzhba and the missile attack on Polish territory, Prime Minister Viktor Orban convened the Security Council," he wrote on Twitter.

Druzhba is the largest oil pipeline in the world, it was built to transport oil from Russia to the countries of Central and Western Europe. The route of the oil pipeline runs from Russia to Belarus, where it branches into two branches: the northern (Belarus, Poland and Germany) and the southern (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary).