The Parliament of Bulgaria voted for the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine

Oleg Panfilovych

The Parliament of Bulgaria voted to send heavy weapons to Ukraine.

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175 deputies voted for this decision, 49 against. The deputies obliged the government to submit to the parliament a draft decision on providing military and military-technical support to Ukraine within a month.

This decision put an end to months of tension and disputes over the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine between the political parties of the NATO member state.

Following Bulgariaʼs decision, Hungary remains the only NATO member not to have approved the supply of arms to Kyiv since the start of Russiaʼs full-scale unprovoked invasion.

  • On May 4, the Bulgarian parliament allowed the repair of Ukrainian military equipment at defense enterprises but refused to provide Ukraine with weapons and ammunition. 200 deputies, including those from the pro-Russian BSP party, voted for this decision.
  • Despite this, at the end of October, the publication Euroactive reported that Bulgaria, through intermediaries, was already able to transfer arms and ammunition worth almost one billion euros to Ukraine.