Pentagon: Ukraine will receive NASAMS systems in early November

Anhelina Sheremet

In early November, Ukraine will receive sophisticated NASAMS air defense systems from the United States.

This was stated by Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, writes The Washington Post.

"What [the Ukrainians] need most in the world right now is an air defense capability," Austin said, noting that "weʼre pushing hard to get them NASAMS, and we expect that early next month weʼll be able to give them that possibility".

Austinʼs statement is the first time a senior US official has given an exact date when Kyiv can expect to receive the NASAMS air defense system. Earlier, the Pentagon indicated that it is in the process of purchasing two of these medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems.

The Washington Post writes that Ukrainian officials still insist that they need US-made ATACMS, which can launch missiles up to 300 km away, to hit targets in Crimea, including targets that the Russians use to launch Iranian-made drones. But the US leaders are against it, because the Ukrainian military can allegedly use the opportunities to launch strikes on the territory of Russia.

  • NASAMS is a mobile anti-aircraft missile system designed to combat missiles, aircraft and other air targets at low and medium altitudes. On September 27, Ukraine expects from the USA two batteries — that is, 16 missile launchers.