Klitschko: The heating season in Kyiv begins on October 20

Oleg Panfilovych

The mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko announced the beginning of the heating season in the capital on October 20.

He reported this in “Telegram” channel.

"All buildings, according to the technological schedule, will begin to be connected to the heat supply system," the mayor noted.

He added that all the necessary preparatory work has been completed in Kyiv.

"Utility services are working in enhanced mode, realizing how difficult this heating season will be. Because the enemy is targeting critical infrastructure facilities, trying to leave Ukrainians without vital services," he added.

According to Klitschko, the city increased the number of emergency and rescue services by 10%, purchased additional equipment and materials.

Klitschko called the need to save electricity an important factor for the start of the heating season.

"So that the residents of Kyiv do not turn on electric heaters and air conditioners and do not overload the electricity supply system," the mayor urged.