15 people died when a military plane crashed in Yeisk, Russia

Anna Kholodnova

The number of victims of the crash of a military plane in the Russian city of Yeisk has increased to 15.

This is reported by the Russian propaganda media with reference to the administration of the Krasnodar region.

According to the authorities of the region, seven more people sought help from doctors after a fire in a residential building. Thus, the number of victims increased to 26.

  • On October 17, a Su-34 fighter jet, which could carry a full combat kit, crashed near a residential building in Yeysk, Russia. At least 15 apartments were damaged. Subsequently, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed the downing of the Su-34. According to the statement by the department, the plane fell "while gaining altitude during a training flight."
  • In the morning of the same day, Russia attacked Ukraine with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones. 11 drones were shot down over the center of the country. In total, 28 drones flew toward Kyiv (most were destroyed). In the capital, drones hit energy infrastructure facilities and a residential building. Five people died.