The Ministry of Defense: All soldiers at the front were provided with winter uniforms

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Ministry of Defense assured that they have already provided all soldiers at the front with winter uniforms. Usually, the army officially switches to winter uniform from October 15.

Deputy Minister of Defense Vyacheslav Shapovalov told about this in an interview with UNN.

"The primary need is, first of all, those people who are directly in the combat zone, they are provided for almost 100%, but the supplies go out every day. These are quite large volumes, and we are now working practically "from the wheels." Everything that arrives at the logistics warehouses of the Armed Forces is sent almost immediately by the command to supply the units. We have now fully provided the Ukrainian Armed Forces with protective equipment (helmets, ballistic vests), the entire personnel, and we have already created quite a large stockpile. Today, we have already moved to the formation of strategic reserves," he emphasized.

According to him, Western partners also actively help in providing the military. It is about the purchase and transfer of gloves, shoes, camouflage elements, tents, etc.

"Tents are especially important. It is clear that in the conditions of war, many units are deployed, they cannot stay indoors. For our part, we also deal with heating equipment. The command of the Logistics Forces has divisions that also deal with the purchase of fuel and heaters — these are the heaters that are on the front lines, in fortifications, in the places where our military personnel are stationed. This is a joint effort," the deputy minister emphasized.

  • Canada will provide Ukraine with a new $47 million aid package. It provides for 500 000 units of winter military clothing, artillery shells and satellite communication equipment.
  • The German government will send jackets, tents and other winter equipment for the army to Ukraine. This shipment includes 100 000 warm jackets and other winter clothing, 100 heated tents, as well as hundreds of mobile power generators and food kits.