Nuclear deterrence training and support for Ukraine. NATO Secretary General made a number of statements

Kostia Andreikovets

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated at a press conference that Russiaʼs victory in the war with Ukraine would be a defeat for the Alliance.

"It is important for all of us Ukraine to win the battle. To win the war against the Russian troops that invaded it. Because if Putin wins, it would not just be “a big defeat for Ukraine”, but also a defeat and dangerous for all of us. It will make the world more dangerous. It will make us more vulnerable to further Russian aggression," Stoltenberg noted.

He said that in the next few days, the ministers of the participating countries will discuss new military aid to Ukraine to "agree on more ambitious goals" and stockpile replenishment.

In addition, Stoltenberg condemned Russiaʼs attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. He connected them with the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front.

The Secretary General also said that NATO forces are planning to conduct nuclear deterrence exercises.

"Now we have to show firmness and show that NATO is ready to defend its allies. This is a long-planned exercise. They were planned long before the attack on Ukraine. These are planned exercises aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of our nuclear deterrent forces," he added.

  • Also today, October 11, an urgent meeting of the G7 countries, convened by Zelensky, began. He appealed to the participants to respond symmetrically to Russiaʼs attacks — to block its energy sector, as well as oil and gas trade, with sanctions.