Politico: Mobilization in Russia may hit the Russian economy even more. The country will not have enough men

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Mobilization in Russia may further worsen the state of the Russian economy, which is suffering from international sanctions. The country will lack men who will either be drafted into the army or flee abroad.

Politico writes about it.

"The more the Kremlin mobilizes people, the more men will try to leave the country, and this will have huge consequences for jobs in all sectors in Russia, and therefore for its economy," the publication notes.

Critical sectors, from factories to internet providers, are at risk of a mass exodus of skilled workers, whose operations are now threatened with serious disruptions. And in Russia there is no plan to respond to this challenge.

In Russia, there is no system that would ensure the continuity of work of critically important industries in case of war. Similar schemes have been developed, for example, in Finland or Sweden. Not only engineers of nuclear power plants, but also specialists of other key industries — from energy to infrastructure and food industry — are not involved in mobilization there.

In addition, against the background of mass mobilization in the Russian Federation, there is a lack of women who can quickly replace conscripted men in the workplace, or qualified specialists who have fled the country.