“Itʼs quite inadequate.” The Pentagon spoke about the level of training of those who were mobilized in Russia

Anna Kholodnova

Russia may face many challenges in mobilizing large numbers of civilians.

This is stated in the statement of the U.S. Ministry of Defense.

According to a Pentagon official, this is not the first time the Russians have done something like this. Even so, the search for new fighters among civilians demonstrates the challenges Russia faces on the battlefield.

"They mobilized twice before that. Once in 1914 and once in 1941. If you think about the consequences they are experiencing now and compare it to World War I and World War II. It certainly speaks volumes for what the Ukrainians were able to do to the Russian army," an unnamed U.S. military official noted.

He believes that Russia may have problems with training and equipping such a large number of civilians. After all, many military personnel who are supposed to train conscripts are currently fighting in Ukraine.

It is known from open sources on the Internet that some Russian conscripts were able to complete only one day of training before being sent to war in Ukraine, the Pentagon official noted.

"Iʼm just thinking about the level of training in our own armed forces and I know for sure that itʼs pretty inadequate," he added.

  • On September 21, Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia, supported the holding of pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine, and threatened nuclear weapons in case of an attack on the Russian Federation.
  • Due to mobilization, Russians began to actively flee the country. In British intelligence, it is believed that in one week, more people fled to the Russian Federation from the mobilization than Russia had in its troops in February — at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.