British Intelligence: The number of people escaped from Russia is higher than was in the Russian army in February

Anna Kholodnova

In one week, the number of people fled the mobilization from the Russian Federation is higher than Russia had in its troops in February (at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine).

This is stated in the daily summary of British intelligence.

"In the seven days since President Putin announced the ʼpartial mobilizationʼ, there has been a fairly massive departure from the country of Russians who want to avoid the draft. The exact numbers are unknown, but it is most likely already more than the total number of troops that the Russian Federation has deployed for the February 2022 invasion," the report notes.

British intelligence also noted that mostly wealthy and educated people are fleeing.

"If you add this to the factor of those reservists who are still mobilized, the domestic economic impact of less labor availability and an acceleration of the brain drain is likely to become increasingly significant," the British noted.