The General Staff: The purpose of the first stage of mobilization in Russia is to resupply its troops in Ukraine

Oleg Panfilovych

At the first stage of partial mobilization, the Russians plan to resupply their troops to Ukraine. A part of the forces may be sent to the border service of the FSB.

This was reported by the Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Department of the General Staff Oleksiy Hromov.

"According to preliminary estimates, the draft will take place in at least two stages, there may be more. At the first stage, probably within a month-and-a-half, the enemy plans to complete the full complement of its units and military units involved in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. It is also not excluded that part of the forces will go to supplement the border service of the Federal Security Service of the enemy in order to release the personnel of the units of the armed forces, which are involved in covering the state border with our country," Hromov noted.

The largest part of those who will be mobilized will be non-commissioned and non-commissioned officers, as well as junior officers. "This is the category that suffered the most losses from the enemy," he explained.

Hromov added that the enemy currently does not have specialists in scarce specialties, and their training will take a long time.

"Therefore, the enemy first of all focused its attention on the formation of combined military units, units of missile troops and artillery," he added.

The representative of the General Staff noted that according to Ukrainian intelligence, the Kremlinʼs haste with partial mobilization is a consequence of the growing number of internal and external threats to the regime.