The mayor of Melitopol reported an explosion in the occupied city. The Russians intimidate people

Sofiia Telishevska

On the first day of the pseudo-referendum, explosions rang out at night and in the morning in Melitopol. One person died, one more was wounded.

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov reported this.

"The terror of the occupiers is increasing. At 7 oʼclock in the morning, a loud explosion was heard, which was well heard by residents in the city center in Melitopol. People are afraid to leave the house. And this fear work for the occupiersʼ benefit — on the first day of “home-based voting” in the pseudo-referendum, they [occupiers] need everyone to sit quietly at home," Fedorov noted.

Later in the broadcast of the telethon, he added that at night there was an explosion in one of the nine-story buildings, where one person died.

Also, according to him, there was an explosion near one of the positions of the occupiers.

"The people of Melitopol should stay as far as possible from the Russian military and enemy equipment. Something constantly explodes next to them," Fedorov emphasized.