A partial evacuation was announced in Kryvyi Rih due to the threat of spillage of Inhulets

Sofiia Telishevska

The head of the military administration of Kryvyi Rih Oleksandr Vilkul calls on residents of a number of streets in the Inhulets and Central City districts of the city to evacuate. He fears that the Inhulets River may burst its banks as a result of rocket attacks on the dam.

"Dear residents of Kryvyi Rih. Today Russia committed one more terrorist act. With eight cruise missiles, it hit a very large hydrotechnical structure in Kryvyi Rih, trying to simply wash away a part of our city with water. We are monitoring the situation, liquidation of the accident continues, but the water level in the Inhulets River has risen. In order to avoid unnecessary risks, I ask residents of some streets to evacuate," he wrote.

Vilkul called for the evacuation of the residents of the streets: Shterna, Gzhatska, Sklevata, Yuhokivska, Hryhorivska, Zemnukova in the Inhulets district. The meeting place is the intersection of Beryslavska and Matryonivska streets.

"Community buses will be provided. People will be taken to schools and kindergartens, where they can stay while the accident is being eliminated," he added.

Central City District: Lepytskoho, Iordanska, Bazhanov, Hrabovskoho, Mashinobudivniki, Chernyakhovskoho, Dunaysk, Khodych, Mariupolska, Stashkov, Zarichna, Pershotravneva, Staroyarmarkova, Plekhanov, Mamina-Sibiryak, Enthusiastiv streets.

  • In the evening of September 14, the Russian occupying forces once again hit Kryvyi Rih with rockets. Aimed at hydraulic structures. There are no victims among the civilian population.