The police confirmed the first death from torturing at the Balaklia police station. The occupiers tortured locals there

Anna Kholodnova

Ukrainian law enforcement officers currently have one confirmed death of a person from torturing in the Balaklia police station.

The head of the investigative department of the police of the Kharkiv region Serhii Bolvinov informed about this.

According to his information, the police station was occupied by soldiers of the so-called "LPR" and the Chechen Republic, as well as representatives of the Tolyatti riot police and the FSB of Russia. They kept from 8 to 15 prisoners in each room.

"During the inspection of the building, we discovered wires leading to hidden video cameras in the rooms where the hostages were kept. People, including women, slept on the floor. During interrogations they were tortured with electric current. For now, we have one confirmed death of a person as a result of torturing. We know the personal data of the victim and the place of burial, so we will carry out the exhumation for further procedural actions," noted Bolvinov.

He added that, fleeing from Balaklia, the Russians left the prisoners in closed rooms. However, one of the hostages was able to break the window and get out, and then open the door and free the others. Therefore, the exact number of prisoners and victims is currently being clarified.