On September 1, 138 000 children will go to Kyiv schools for offline education

Oleg Panfilovych

On September 1, 138 000 children will go to school in Kyiv.

This was reported by the Kyiv City State Administration.

There are now almost 180 000 schoolchildren in the capital. 421 communal schools are ready for the academic year. Only those schools that have their own shelters or such an object nearby within walking distance will be able to work offline.

"Currently, schools that have shelters are ready to accept 145 000 children at the same time, and 138 000 parents have written applications for face-to-face education. The number of places in the shelters fluctuates, therefore teachers and schoolchildren can participate in the face-to-face educational process at the same time in a number not greater than the capacity of the shelter," noted the Kyiv City State Administration.

So that the educational process does not stop during the alarm, classrooms are set up in the shelters. Each day will start with a safety reminder.

Parents can change the format of their childʼs education during the year. Students of schools that will not open for face-to-face education can transfer to another institution for offline education if there are places available.

  • In Kyiv, 22 out of 421 municipal schools will work exclusively online, as there are no shelters in them or within walking distance of them. All others (which is 95% of schools) are in a mixed format.