The occupiers released a pseudo-historical manual for schoolchildren. There they write that Ukraine was created by Lenin, and Ukrainian words were invented by Hrushevskyi

Anna Kholodnova

The Russian occupiers in the so-called "LNR" prepared a lengthy document entitled "Structural plan of the lesson on the topic "My History".

This is reported in the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

This is what the "documents" of the occupiers look like:

It is from this that the Russians plan to start training schoolchildren in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine on September 1.

The "plan" proposed by the occupiers almost verbatim repeats the statements of Russian propagandists: Ukraine was created by Lenin, the Ukrainian language does not exist, all Ukrainian heroes are criminals, Ukraine must be destroyed.

Ukrainian intelligence officers cite several quotes from this "document", which contradict not only historical facts, but also common sense:

  • "The West, which feels like the worldʼs geopolitical periphery, seeks to undermine the unity and stability of the "Heartland" — Russia, more than 80% of its citizens belong to one triune nation — they are Russians (Great Russians), Ukrainians (Little Russians) and Belarusians — Eastern Slavs, the heirs of Ancient Russia, baptized in Chersonese by Prince Volodymyr".
  • "Ancient Russia, the Russian Empire and modern Russia were destined to become the heir of the great Byzantium, which was once the center of the entire civilized world, had the greatest culture and deep religious tradition."
  • "The centers of early Russian statehood emerged: the northern one — in Old Ladoga and the future Novgorod, and later the southern one — in the future Kyiv."
  • "Hrushevskyi began to construct a Ukrainian historical myth revolving around Halychyna, and to publish a newspaper in Ukrainian for each issue of which he invented several new "Ukrainian" words."
  • "The Bolsheviks decided to create their own Ukraine, but in a communist manner. This is how "Ukraine named after Vladimir Ilyich Lenin" was born... The Ukrainian language was imposed on people by force."
  • "There were many who wrote in Ukrainian for career reasons — for example, the future general secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, the long-term head of the USSR, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, was written as "big Russian" in the questionnaires of the 1920s, and in the questionnaires of the 1930s and 1950s — "Ukrainian".
  • "Post-war Soviet Ukraine was quietly engrossed in this evil, which was inflated by foreign propaganda, which was especially practiced by the Banderites who settled in Canada."
  • "The transformation of Ukraine into "anti-Russia" was carried out by the Ukrainian authorities under direct pressure from the USA, the EU and NATO."
  • "The tense struggle, which requires the giving of all forces, cannot but end in victory and the liberation of our lands and our people from the terror of the Bandera people."
  • Previously, the Security Service of Ukraine published manuals for Russian officials, in which they are taught how to explain Russiaʼs war against Ukraine. "One of the main orders of the FSB is to praise Putin. After all, it is alleged that he "personally protected Russia from destruction, and Russians — he is on his knees," — documents in the SBU cite.