Spain sent additional military aid to Ukraine — an air defense battery, armored vehicles and ammunition

Anna Kholodnova

On August 24, the Ministry of Defense of Spain announced the sending of additional military aid to Ukraine.

This is reported by El Pais newspaper.

"This is a firm commitment that has been developing since the beginning of this war. All this time, our country did not stop sending materials for the legal protection of the Ukrainian people," the Spanish Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

This package of military aid included around 20 armored vehicles, 75 pallets of field artillery ammunition and a full anti-aircraft defense battery, as well as 1 000 tons of diesel fuel worth approximately €2.5 million. Both armored vehicles and ammunition have already been placed at the disposal of the Ukrainian authorities.

In addition to weapons, they want to send 30 000 units of winter military uniforms, 15 600 jackets, 15 000 suits and several thousand units of additional clothing to Ukraine. Shipment is scheduled for September.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Spain Serhiy Pogoreltsev, however, noted that Ukraine is most interested in the supply of 155 mm howitzers and 122 mm mortars. He has already informed the Spanish government about this. "The process is not easy, but we are working and we are very grateful," the ambassador noted.

  • On August 2, the Spanish government announced that it would not send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, which are stored at the military base in Zaragoza, due to their unusable condition. The country conducted examinations and found that these tanks cannot be used because they pose a risk to people.