The occupiersʼ publics report an attack on the base of “PMC Wagner” in Popasna

Kostia Andreikovets

The occupiersʼ media reported an attack on the "Wagner PMC" base in the occupied Popasna (Luhansk oblast), indicating that it was probably hit with HIMARS.

The occupiers set up a base in a residential building — it was "lit up" by the Russian military commander Sergey Sreda, who visited the "Wagners" the day before and took photos with them. One of the photos shows a sign with the address of the nearest bomb shelter — Myronivska Street, 12.

In one of the photos from Sreda, you can see the so-called "Putinʼs chef" Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is considered to be the head of "Wagner PMC". Propagandists claim that Prigozhin was not at the base at the time of the attack.

"Radio Svoboda" studied the pictures of the military police and came to the conclusion that the "Wagners" were indeed in the house on Myronivska Street.

Ukrainian journalist Denys Kazanskyi published a photo showing the wounded and dead being taken out from under the rubble. He thanked Sreda for the tip.