The Pentagon explained why there are no HIMARS systems in the new aid package to Ukraine

Sofiia Telishevska
The Pentagon explained why there are no HIMARS systems in the new aid package to Ukraine

The Deputy Head of the Pentagon, Colin Kahl, explained that there are no new units of HIMARS systems in the new package of support from the United States, because now the priority is the issue of supplying ammunition to the already existing systems.

"We have already shipped 16 HIMARS systems, which is actually quite a lot. In our estimation, these are not the systems that need hundreds to make such an impact. These are precision targeting systems for very specific types of targets, and thatʼs exactly how the Ukrainians use them," Kahl stated.

He noted that Britain and Germany have pledged to supply Ukraine with three systems similar to HIMARS — M270 and MARS II, respectively.

The new aid package will include high-precision GMLRS munitions for HIMARS that hit targets at a distance of 70 km, he explained.

"The use of these munitions can be compared to an air strike with pinpoint guidance: with their help, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit command and control nodes, supply and logistics centers, and key radar systems," he added.

The Deputy Minister of Defense also reported that the NASAMS systems will arrive in Ukraine in a few months. The US needs to ensure that all of its rockets included in the new aid package are in good condition so that they arrive in time for the transfer to NASAMS.

"We believe that the Ukrainians are doing quite well now in terms of the number of systems, and now the priority is to ensure a constant flow of GMLRS shells. The same applies to M777 howitzers. We have installed a very large number of systems with our partners, and now the priority is to make sure that the Ukrainians have ammunition," he stated.

  • On August 1, the Pentagon announced an additional package of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $550 million. It includes 75 thousand units of ammunition for 155 mm artillery and an undisclosed amount of additional ammunition for HIMARS.