The Tripoli court lifted the arrest of a Syrian vessel that was transporting stolen Ukrainian barley. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reacted on it

Kostia Andreikovets

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that the court of Tripoli (Lebanon) lifted the arrest of the Syrian ship Laodecia, which was transporting Ukrainian agricultural products stolen by the Russians. Despite the evidence provided, the court did not take into account the position of the Ukrainian authorities.

This is reported in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The court decision allows Laodecia, which is under international sanctions, to leave the port of Tripoli with stolen Ukrainian flour and barley. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that this encourages Russia to continue stealing grain in the occupied south of Ukraine.

Lebanon is actually undermining its own food security, pushing Ukraine away as its reliable partner, the department said and recalled that it was Ukraine that helped Lebanon with food in difficult times.

Ukraine calls on Lebanon to cancel the lifting of the arrest.