The first German Gepard anti-aircraft guns arrived in Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

The Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, announced on the telethon that the first Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns had arrived in Ukraine from Germany.

"The first three Gepards have officially arrived. These are anti-aircraft missile complexes, for which tens of thousands of rounds have been transferred to us. We expect 15 Gepard. Three of them went to Ukraine today. They are already at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the minister informed.

The SPAA Gepard is a German anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery installation on a Leopard 1 tank chassis with two Oerlikon KDA automatic guns capable of firing up to 1 100 rounds per minute. It is effective against air targets and even in battles with armored vehicles, as it has the appropriate ammunition. Gepard was created to protect ground troops from aviation. Gepard radars allow you to detect targets at a distance of up to 15 km, track them and effectively destroy them. At the same time, these anti-aircraft guns are able to distinguish between enemy and own aircraft, which allows you to avoid friendly fire.