FT: Some Western countries sent their representatives to Ukraine to control the supplied weapons

Oleg Panfilovych

Representatives of some Western countries arrived in Ukraine to control the supplied weapons.

The Financial Times writes about it.

This information was reported to the publication by officers of the EU and NATO countries. The Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, in turn, said that Ukraine uses NATO software purchased in 2019 to monitor the transfer and use of Western-supplied weapons. But this software has a limited range of licenses, and there are not enough specialists to manage it.

Currently, this system is managed exclusively centrally. But, according to Reznikov, it can be extended to the level of a brigade and, possibly, a battalion. Kyiv will turn to its allies for advice on this issue.

In addition, Reznikov insists on the impossibility of smuggling heavy weapons, since they are equipped with GPS trackers. At the same time, Western countries are particularly concerned about portable Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems and light kamikaze drones, given their portability. Reznikov stated that although they are not tracked by GPS, they are under strict control.

"I discuss it with partners, I discuss it with other defense ministers. I asked: "Do you have any concerns?", they say “no”, — he added.

  • The day before, the European Union declared that the information about "arms smuggling by Ukraine" supplied to it by its allies is an intensive disinformation campaign launched by Russia. NATO follows the same position.