The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south destroyed 36 Russians, six armored vehicles and a warehouse

Kostia Andreikovets

Artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 36 Russian soldiers, two howitzers, two multiple rocket launcher systems "Uragan", two tanks, six special vehicles, and armored vehicles, as well as a warehouse with ammunition last night.

This is reported by the Operational Command "South".

The enemy is not conducting an active offensive in the south and is trying to gain a foothold on its defensive lines. While the Russians are constantly shelling the positions of the Armed Forces and populated areas.

Novovorontsovka and Vysokopilska communities in Kherson oblast, as well as Vysunsk in Mykolaiv oblsdt came under fire in the morning. There is no information about the victims. In Mykolaiv Oblast, the Shirokivska community continues to be shelled. There are damaged and destroyed buildings on the territory of Kutsurubska, Pervomayska, and Voskresenska communities, but there were no casualties.

In Zahradivka, Kherson oblast, two local residents were blown up on a cassette by a Russian rocket during fieldwork. One person died on the spot, the second was taken to the hospital with multiple shrapnel wounds.

  • In the Black Sea, Russian ships are currently loaded with 28 Kalibr missiles. The missiles are carried by three ships and one submarine. There is also one large landing ship on duty at sea.
  • On July 4, the Ukrainian flag was installed on Snake Island. The military operation to liberate the island has been completed.