In Ukraine, the Army of Drones project is being launched to close the front line with drones

Anhelina Sheremet

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the United24 platform announce a launch of the Army of Drones project. In the first stage, the initiative plans to purchase 200 drones for air reconnaissance, which can fly up to 24 hours over a distance of 160 km and at the same time remain almost invisible to the enemy.

The Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov informed about this on July 1.

Drones will allow monitoring the actions of the Russians, change military strategies and save as many military lives as possible. You can help the Armed Forces and join the cause from anywhere in the world and make a contribution here or donate your own drone (even the simplest one may be usful for shooting the landscapes). The funds raised will not only buy drones, but also to repair them, replace them quickly, and to train their pilots.

Fedorov said that during the preparation of the project, they worked together with the General Staff and the military to understand their requests and needs at the frontline. As a result of the meetings, they formed an aim to close the entire front line, about 2,470 km long, by drones. They tested different drones with the military and partners, gathered feedback and formed a systematic approach to the creation of the Army of Drones.

Monobank was the first to join the initiative. Together with their clients, in just a few days, they raised more than 64 million hryvnias — for two Warmate unmanned aerial vehicles.