Air Force: Ukraine needs anti-missile systems, not air defense

Kostia Andreikovets

Ukraine needs modern missile defense systems to effectively counter strikes on Ukrainian cities. Currently, the Ukrainian defense is more anti-aircraft — that is, against aircraft.

Yuriy Ihnat, a spokesman for the Air Force Command, told about it, Radio Svoboda reports.

"Our air defense is air defense, not missile defense. Missile defense is a more powerful, modern system. Faster missiles. That is, to understand — the missile must shoot down the missile. Tactical and technical characteristics must be higher than this missile, which flies to hit a ground target. In fact, these are missile defense systems that exist today in Poland and Romania, and which Russia did not want to see close to it. They can shoot down cruise missiles, ballistic missiles. We would not only find such weapons useful, we desperately need them, ”Ignat said.

He explained that the high-speed X-22 missiles used by Russian troops to hit the shopping center in Kremenchuk were fired far from Ukraine, so enemy aircraft were not within range of air defense systems. The Armed Forces have only a few minutes of information processing after launch, but, as a rule, the Armed Forces systems can shoot down the X-22 very rarely.