Joe Biden announced a new tranche of military aid for Ukraine. What will it include?

Anna Kholodnova

US President Joe Biden has said he will soon announce a new tranche of military aid to Ukraine.

He said this during a press conference following the NATO summit in Madrid.

According to him, the head of the Pentagon gathered 50 countries that have announced new assistance to Ukraine: more than 140,000 anti-tank systems, tanks, 500 artillery systems, artillery ammunition, multiple rocket launcher systems, and air defense systems.

Joe Biden said the United States has already provided more than $ 7 billion in defense aid.

"We also provide new advanced defense systems, counter-battery radars, new ammunition for HIMARS," he said.

The next package of military support from the United States will include another $ 800 million, air defenses, and offensive weapons.

"There is a whole list — this will be the next tranche of aid," said Joe Biden.