The head of the Luhansk oblast military administration Haidai: at departure from Sievierodonetsk no Ukrainian soldier was lost

Julia Sheredeha

The withdrawal of the Ukrainian military from Sievierodonetsk took place centrally and according to plan. No Ukrainian soldiers were killed when they left.

The chairman of the Luhansk oblast military administration Serhiy Haidai reported about it.

"I am sure, not even 100%, but all 200%: the defenders have fulfilled their mission in Sievierodonetsk. And in time, as much as they restrained the enemy, and in the defeat they inflicted on the enemy — both in technique and in personnel — everything was done and overfulfilled. All the guys are good," Haidai stressed.

According to him, everything necessary for the Ukrainian military to leave — from building materials to boats and ropes, etc. — was provided. Therefore, when leaving the city, there were no dead Ukrainian soldiers.