The occupiers of the Russian Federation deceitfully lure the residents of Mariupol back to the city. The City Council debunks the fakes of the Russians

Anna Kholodnova

The Russian occupiers are trying to lure Mariupol residents back to the city. To do this, distribute fake lists of houses for demolition or repair.

This was reported by representatives of the current authorities of Mariupol in the Telegram.

City officials warn that this is a manipulation to force people to return and detain them in Mariupol for as long as possible.

The City Council says that the lists distributed by the Russian occupiers do not include houses that have been completely destroyed. On the contrary, there are surviving houses marked "demolished". This indicates deception. The Russians and collaborators are manipulating the people of Mariupol to come to the city in order to save at least some surviving property, or to return to live, because the housing is supposed to be repaired.

"The occupiers want to return people to Mariupol to use them in labor slavery and create a" living shield "for themselves to cover themselves when the Armed Forces begin to liberate the city," the Mariupol City Council said.

City officials are urging residents not to trust those who destroyed Mariupol. And they add that the probability that a trip to Mariupol will be a one-way road is very high.