The Armed Forces confirmed the attack on Zmiinyi (Snake island). The Russians have significant losses

Kostia Andreikovets

The armed forces confirmed the attack on the occupied Snake island.

Operational Command "South" reported that the Russian garrison suffered significant losses. Details are not reported.

"Snake Island has suffered a concentrated blow with the use of various forces and methods of destruction, during which what the ruscists proudly called the island garrison is counting significant losses. The military operation continues and needs information silence until its completion," the statement said.

Earlier, regional media reported that Snake island had dozens of explosions and a fire. Eyewitnesses told of rockets flying towards the island.

Russiaʼs Defense Ministry said the attack on the island was at 5:00 a.m., but air defense forces allegedly shot down 13 drones, four Tochka-U missiles and 21 Hurricane rockets.

Other areas

In addition, the OC "South" reported that in the morning a pair of Ukrainian helicopters struck at the accumulation of manpower and equipment of the Russians, and the artillery completed more than 100 fire tasks. According to preliminary data, 26 occupiers were killed, a tank, an armored tractor, three armored vehicles and four trucks were destroyed.

OC spokeswoman Natalia Humeniuk told Channel 24 that the Armed Forces were advancing in Kherson oblast, despite strong Russian defense. According to her, the Russian troops have already lost significant forces in this direction and are moving away even from the second and third lines of defense. At the same time, the Russians are actively shelling Ukrainian artillery positions.