Bihus.Info: Peopleʼs Deputy of the Peopleʼs Republic of Belarus Viktor Chorny “pumped” Medvedchukʼs aura and “talked” to Putin through shamans

Kostia Andreikovets

Peopleʼs Deputy of the banned faction "Opposition Platform — For Life" Viktor Chorny, who is considered a trusted guardian of the suspected treason Viktor Medvedchuk, through occultism and "magic" influenced his "boss".

This is stated in the investigation of Bihus.Info journalists who received data from Chornyʼs computer.

Hard disk data contains data for several years — documents, photos and videos. Among them are records of shamans, so-called sleepers, and hypnologists, whose services were used by the peopleʼs deputy. Interestingly, he used them for political purposes.

Through hypnotists, shamans, and sleepers, Chorny "pumped" Medvedchukʼs energy (aura), convinced him that he would be well protected and therefore should become a Member of Parliament, intimidated Medvedchuk with "American hypnotists" and "worked" on his magical victory in the parliamentary elections. Through the "magicians" Chorny imposed his authority on Medvedchuk and "increased" the rating of OPZZh.

Shamans performed rituals with photos of political opponents at the request of Chorny. Thus, Volodymyr Zelensky and Yuriy Boyko (OPZZh) fell under the "hand of magicians".

Chorny was even interested in the interpretation of dreams about the Medvedchuk family — he checked whether there was a threat to Oksana Marchenkoʼs cat Kokosik.

Because of the occultists, Chorny also wanted to appear before Russian President Putin. In one of the videos, a hypnologist and a sleeper are trying to contact the Russian leader on behalf of the Member of Parliament.

Interestingly, the peopleʼs deputyʼs files contain evidence of such "cults" of Kremlin officials.

  • It is unknown where Chorny is now, but according to journalists, he did not leave the country. At the request of journalists, police said that Chorny is not a participant in criminal proceedings.