Nine nuclear power units will be built in Ukraine using Westinghouse technologies

Anna Kholodnova

The number of nuclear power units built in Ukraine using Westinghouse technologies has been increased to nine.

This was reported by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

Energoatom President Petro Kotin and Westinghouse Electric Company President and CEO Patrick Fragman signed three agreements yesterday to strengthen cooperation between the companies.

According to these agreements, Ukraine will increase the number of NPP power units to be built using AR1000 technology. These are new generation reactors with the best performance in the industry. They can operate in maneuvering mode.

"We will modernize our fleet of nuclear power units, which will produce clean, safe and reliable energy without any Russian influence. In the future, Ukraine may become a key exporter of electricity to Europe," said Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko.

The energy companies also agreed to increase the supply of American nuclear fuel for the needs of all Ukrainian nuclear power plants. The fuel will be provided by the existing power units, as well as those that will be built in Ukraine in the framework of cooperation.

The fuel will be supplied from the Westinghouse production site in Sweden. At the same time, the components of fuel assemblies will be produced in Ukraine on the basis of one of Energoatomʼs separate divisions.

Westinghouse also intends to establish an engineering and technical center in Ukraine, which will support the construction and operation of AP1000 units in Ukraine, as well as take care of the future decommissioning program of Ukrainian NPPs.

  • Currently, Ukraineʼs power system has 15 operating nuclear power units at four nuclear power plants.
  • Yesterday, the Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko said that Ukraine could completely stop the occupied ZNPP in case it loses control. However, Energoatom denies this.