London Stock Exchange will no longer trade Gazprom shares

Julia Sheredeha

The London Stock Exchange said on Tuesday that it had revoked admission to trading in securities of Russiaʼs energy company Gazprom at the companyʼs request.

This was reported by Reuters.

Earlier this month, Gazprom announced to the Financial Control Department that it intended to remove the standard list of depository receipts representing the companyʼs shares from the official list of the London Stock Exchange.

The decision was expected to take effect on May 31.

  • Today it became known that Gazprom announced the suspension of gas supplies to the Dutch company GasTerra, because it refused to pay in rubles.
  • The Danish energy company Ørsted also refused to pay Russiaʼs Gazprom for gas in rubles.
  • From March 23, according to Putinʼs decree, "countries unfriendly to Russia" will be able to pay for gas only in Russian rubles, not dollars or euros. The list includes all EU countries, the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine and a number of other countries. Some countries have waived such requirements, as existing contracts do not provide for payments in this currency.