25 new mass graves have appeared in the Old Crimean cemetery in Mariupol

Anna Kholodnova

During the month, 25 new trenches appeared in the Old Crimean Cemetery near Mariupol.

This was reported in the Mariupol City Council.

According to the mayorʼs office, since mid-April, the occupiers have buried at least 16,000 Mariupol residents in mass graves — near the villages of Stary Krym, Mangush and Vynohradne. The bodies are placed in several layers and then "masked" with plates as individual burials.

Another 5,000 people were buried by public utility servicesʼ workers by mid-March. Thousands of bodies still remain under the rubble, in makeshift cemeteries, and in temporary morgues.

"We estimated the death toll at 22,000 in Mariupol. But more and more facts show that the consequences of the Russian crime are much worse. This needs special attention of the world community, as well as the terrible situation of the local population in the occupation," said Mariupol mayor Vadym Boychenko.