The wife of the commander of the Azov Regiment Kateryna Prokopenko: the soldiers are kept in satisfactory conditions

Julia Sheredeha

Soldiers of the Azov Regiment are being held in satisfactory conditions, said the wife of the regiment commander Denys Prokopenko.

This was reported by The Guardian.

"He said he was ʼOK’ and asked how I was, I’ve heard from other sources that the conditions are more or less satisfactory," Prokopenkoʼs wife Kateryna told The Guardian. However, it is unknown whether the regimental commander could speak freely during the conversation.

According to her, "prisoners are fed, given water."

"The conditions meet the requirements and they have not been subjected to violence during this short period. What will happen next, of course, we don’t know but at the moment there are third parties – the UN and the Red Cross – who are controlling the situation," said Kateryna Prokopenko.

Prokopenko noted that, as far as she knew, none of the fighters were taken to Russia.